Founded in September 2010, Americas Trading Group has sought, since the beginning, the development of Brazilian markets and all its agents.

Following the global markets development seen recently, ATG believes that the next step in Brazilian markets is to experience the same evolution, driven by technology and regulatory improvements.

This development benefits mostly the final investors, since it led to the rebalance of the entire market structure and influence of agents, with focus on efficiency. Aiming to bring this evolution to Brazil, ATG has sought to partner with main Brazilian pension funds, assets managements, international and local Private Equity investors.

What was once a desire became a reality. In June 2013, after almost three years investing in technology and electronic trading solutions, ATG proudly announced the formal request to the CVM for a new Exchange within the Brazilian Equities market: ATS Brasil.

ATS Brasil project aims to be a market venture, suiting all who desire to contribute to the Brazilian capital markets evolution. Following that agenda, in 2013, ATS Brasil introduced the concept of the Liquidity Partners. These are domestic and international leading market participants who will join the project, bringing liquidity and investment to develop the new Exchange.



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